Us Movie Review

Layton Feast and Max Mott 4.23.19
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Usis an R rated thriller movie and is the latest movie made by production company Monkeypaw. Written and directed by Jordan Peele this is the second movie directed by him after his successful 2017 hit Get Out. Us stars Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex.

The first trailer for us came out on December 25, 2018 and it was released on March 22, 2019. Us had a budget of $20 million. During the first week of release Us grossed $71,117,625. It has a run time of 116 minutes or 1 hour and 56 minutes.

Us was filmed on location in only Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. I thought this was an excellent movie with a more interpretable theme compared to Get Out. With lots of fast paced action scenes the film rarely every seems slow. The acting is great especially from the leads Lupita Nyong’o and Evan Alex. One problem with the movie is the trailer which depicts the movie to look more like horror movie this maybe the fault of Universal Pictures who handled the making of the trailer.

The movie Us is much more like a psychological thriller movie with more tension being invoked than fear. It also has small breaks of comedy to help alleviate tension though not disrupting the movie’s experience.

The soundtrack was very good pairing with the movie extremely well. To get a full experience of the movie it needs to be seen multiple times and because of the deep meaning through the movie it is helpful to go back. I enjoyed this movie very much and I am excited to see Jordan Peele's future work when it comes out. Us is a very action packed and intense movie. The constantly moving plot is always keeping the viewers in their seat ready to see what will happen next.

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Usbegins in 1986 with a young girl wandering around a boardwalk with her parents. You watch as she wanders off away from them into what looks like a closed off section of the boardwalk.

After that scene it cuts to present day learning the girl, (Adelaide) from the first scene has now become a mom with her family consisting of her husband son and daughter. The family is going on a road trip to their grandparent’s old house.

All seems good as they settle in and meet their friends who came with them and they go to the beach. Something feels off to Adelaide though as she freaks out looking for her son Jason who ran off.

she keeps feeling more tense and wants to leave, telling her husband that she doesn’t feel safe and it is time to go. Right as she does so, they/us come out and try and kill them. The movie is very quick and action packed. Almost so fast that the movie seems like it will be over right when you started. But you have to wait because the movie keeps getting better and more interesting as you keep watching.

The deeper in the movie you get you slowly understand more and more. Some could argue this is less of a horror movie and more of a thriller or mystery movie because there isn’t that many pop up scares or anything, just psychological things that make you tense up and question how they could get out of this situation. While your watching your constantly thinking there is literally no possible situation for them to get out but at the same time you know they couldn’t just kill off the main characters so early in the movie.

I personally loved the movie. It was very well directed and a mixture of horror and action that would keep anyone who loves scary movies intrigued. I found myself sitting up on my chair for most of the movie from all the excitement.

Not to mention how well they ended the movie. That is probably one of the best movie endings I have ever seen. It left me in shock and kept me thinking about the movie the entire rest of the night and throughout the next day too.

This movie is a great to watch with a group of friends whether you like to “make fun of” movies or you like scary movies. Even if you do not like scary movies it’s definitely a great movie because it’s not as scary as some movies like Hereditary or The Ring or The Conjuring and basically every big name scary movie.

I would be happy to see more horror movies being directed by Jordan Peele because of how well he made Get Out and Us and I am looking forward to see what else he can create in the future.