Preston The Piano Man

Austin Wilson 2.19.19
The young prodigy Preston (The Piano Man) Coover (Photo: Austin Wilson).
Clair de Lune

A prodigy is by definition is a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities. His devotion and him being able to grind through over 8 years of something is awe inspiring. His abilities make him able to do things that most people won’t be able to accomplish even after, numerous hours of practice. Preston Coover a 15 year old self taught musical prodigy. Preston’s gift enables him to go deeper into the music he plays. Preston is able to learn almost any piece of music on piano in the matter of a week sometimes even just a few days.

This is huge in that his gift allows him to play so many blissful songs beautifully. Though Preston is not only a prodigy at music, he is also doing very well academically. He keeps the outstanding GPA of 3.4 this an outstanding high school GPA is unbelievable.

In addition to the piano, Preston can also play the bassoon, clarinet, trombone and trumpet. Preston’s love for and excellence in music is unmatched ty anyone that I have seen before, when Preston gets on the stage to perform everything seems to float away and this is when the magic really happens. Preston’s focus on precision captivates, and gives wonder to not only myself but countless others who hear.

The story of this young genius starts in Seattle Washington. Preston is the son of Amylia and Douglas Coover. Douglas Coover is a young architect who became pretty well known for his work and Amylia Coover is a stay at home mother. Preston grew up in the local Seattle area and lived there until he was eight years old. Next the young boy started a new for the first time in Dallas Texas. This is when the young boy started playing his piano.

Preston the first time seeing the instrument said “Something about it was just blient and made me feel at home.” This instant passion and awe toward piano gave the prodigy the drive to become one of the greatest musical minds of his age and time. Preston began by playing songs by just hearing them and this lead him to teaching himself to play. Though piano was not the only thing that he focused on, he started 1st grade when he got to Dallas and this wasn’t very hard for him because at the time everyone was so young and so new that it didn’t matter as much that he was starting a new school.

Preston began growing not only in size and in his book knowledge but in music as well. As more time went on throughout his time in Dallas Preston became more musical and for the first time music was more than just a pastime, it was a way of life. His time in Dallas went on the same as any other 1st through 7th grader as he would learn and grow. Another big move and change for Preston was his move from Dallas to Reno Nevada. This was the first big move in his life because everyone was old enough now and the new environment was very different. But at this point in his life music became a large part of his life even more so because it was the only thing in the young boys life that stayed constant.

Preston traveled all around though to play his piano and now his new instrument the bassoon. Going and playing in amazing places like the Nevada Music Hall and also the San Francisco Music Hall. These venues were filled with hundreds of people watching as the young Preston Coover played.

Preston says that “Seeing all of the people watching me play was just shocking to say the least.Though I think that the San Francisco Music Hall was my favorite because of its sheer size and how nice the piano was there.” He only spent a year in Reno Nevada and Preston misses it dearly because he loves the warm weather and the beautiful music halls that were there.

Preston then went to 8th grade and half of 9th grade in Reno, then moved for the final time to Grandview Heights (in Columbus Ohio). Here in Grandview Heights he finished his freshman year then started his Sophomore year. Now he plays football and does numerous extracurricular activities such as; band, football and so much more.

All in all the story of Preston Coover was a very rocky and different one compared to most 15 year olds.The moves and his love for music made Preston an honest young man who has a very bright future ahead of him!