Future of Sports: Esports

Max Mott and Brady Long 2.14.19
This was taken in 2014 at a DOTA II (Defense of The Ancients II) tournament (Photo: Sam Churchill).

Video games are an important part of today’s culture. After a long day of school, or working hard at their job, people want to come home and play video games for as long as they can. Kids and adults all around the world spend their freetime playing video games on their Xbox, Playstation, PC, Nintendo Switch, etc. Gaming is more than just playing video games, it is a way of life. There is something called Esports, a form of competitive gaming between pro players and teams. These pro gamers make a lot of money off of Esports because they became so good at video games.

Esports isn’t just video games, it is also considered a sport. Competitive gaming can be very difficult, it requires much skill and time to become a pro gamer. These gamers spend their whole day in their bedroom, living room, or basement playing their games for days at a time. Very few gamers are able to compete on Esports. Esports is primarily for just first person shooter games, like Call of Duty and League of Legends. An example of an Esports team match would be Overwatch League. A professional gaming league of the best Overwatch players in each country. The best players in one country will fight against the best players in a second country to see which team wins the game.

Esports gamers will often stream their games or matches on websites like YouTube and Twitch, which has helped the rise of Esports. They will also stream the matches on the official Esports website. This is why gaming over the past few years has become so popular. It shows pro gamers playing brand new content and games, which will convince the audiences who watch those streams to buy those games. The global Esports market in the US generated $325 million starting in 2015. It has increased every year since Esports was founded, making the US over 1 billion dollars.

The Ohio State University (OSU for short) is bringing Esports to their college as a sport. They will be giving scholarships to teenage gamers, which means those gamers will go play pro gaming at Ohio State. This could mean that Esports will be coming to other colleges as well. Esports could end up making OSU a lot of money, as well as the other colleges that will involve themselves in Esports. OSU’s Esports program is rumored to be one of the best ever. Their gaming facility for gamers is state of the art, which means it’s pretty great and is one of a kind. The Ohio State University is known for its academics and really good football program, but now OSU could be known for it’s video game program.

Video games are the future of the world. By 2025 everyone of any age will playing video games. In the distant future everything is going to be electronic. Regular sports like basketball, football, soccer may not even be played anymore. But that is fine, because we have Esports. Esports is the future.

A man is playing a game in an esports tournament.

Most parents these days complain about how much time their kids are online playing with their friends, but they might be surprised by how much money they could make by playing their favorite games. Most pro gamers make about $60,000 per year and that’s not including the prize money if your team wins a tournament. Teams can make up to millions of dollars from one single tournament. The Dota 2 Championship team won $20.8 million and the second place team wasn’t too disappointed still winning a couple million.

Esports are on the rise. In 2017 it was a $655 million industry and in just one year it went up to $905 million in 2018. Lots of well known players make much more money than the average person.

One example of why parents should start to let their kids have a little more slack on gaming is the potential money. Ninja is a pro gamer/streamer. Ninja makes about $350,000 dollars per month just from gaming. Ninja has also hosted tournaments with lots of players and prize money involved.

Also gaming is a great way to socialize with your friends and meet new friends. Tons of games are now introducing multiplayer modes where you can compete against and play with random people. It may sound weird to some parents at first but some kids that find it hard to make friends in person find it easier to make connections online with people that enjoy the same games as them.

Lots of parents like to argue that their kids need to stay in shape and play sports. Most kids in high school play multiple sports while playing video games. The good thing about them is you can play them whenever you want because you can play with people all over the globe so even if it’s really late you can still get into multiplayer games in the middle of the night.

Another cool thing about Esports is that some games allow you to play with your friends even if he or she has a different console. It’s called cross playing and it’s where on any gaming platform you can play with your friends. This is a huge reason one of the most popular Esports games right now, Fortnite, is such a highly played game.

Esports are becoming such a popular thing that even colleges are starting to offer scholarships for good players and building arenas specifically designed for playing games.

Ohio State University is currently constructing the most, “comprehensive esports program to date.”(Ohio State University) Video games can now offer chances to kids that aren’t as smart a chance to go to college and get an education while still have fun playing games they love.

Most parents could probably agree that they want their kids to be happy and work with jobs they love. For some kids that may just be sticking to their childhood and gaming away while still making a very good amount of money.