Mamma Mia! at GHHS

Ryan Alger 3.10.2019

Grandview Heights High School students recently performed the musical Mamma Mia! however some of you may have missed this performance with it’s three day time frame. So you may be wondering what Mamma Mia! is all about.

2018 Movies

Ella Stevens 2.28.2019

There were so many great films I struggled to make a list of my favorites, but somehow I managed, so here are my top five movies of 2018.


Mario Panzera 01.28.2019

Despite the cast of A-List actors, the horrid attempt at humor failed to appeal to anyone with vocal chords that gave them the ability to laugh.

NBA 2K19

Austin Wilson and Max Mott 10.23.18

This exciting, action packed game is a game that is released every year in the month of September.