Breaking Bad Review

Max Mott 5.2.19
Walter White who is played by Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad (Photo: AMC).

Breaking Bad is a western American crime drama produced by Vince Gilligan. It premiered on AMC for 5 seasons. Each episode is about an hour long and every season has around 10 to 15 episodes.

The show begins in New Mexico and you see a man and you meet two men. You learn one of their names is Walter White and it looks like they are already in big danger. Soon you see it’s a flash forward into later in the episode and it really starts with Walter and his family.

Walter White is a dad of 1 kid and another kid is on the way. He is an insanely overqualified chemistry teacher who is sad with how his life has turned out. Walter wishes he stayed with a former company he created worth $2.6 billion instead of being a teacher and having a part time job at a car wash just to keep his family under a roof.

Later on Walter is diagnosed with cancer and is unsure about how long he has to live. Walter starts to try and find ways to make money fast because he wants to leave his family money when he dies but he doesn’t have any right then. Plus, they don’t even have enough for treatment and Walter has too much pride to accept money and help from his old friends who could easily help him afford it and even his own family.

Walter finds one of his old students Jesse Pinkman at a methamphetamine crime scene and realizes how much money he could make by making meth. All he needed was help with distribution and that’s where Jesse comes in.

Before Walter ran into Jesse, Jesse went by Cap’n Cook on the streets but that soon ended after Walter threatens to call the cops on him if Jesse didn’t agree to partner up. Jesse was skeptical at first but came to his senses and partnered up with Walter because he didn’t want to go to jail knowing Walter would call the cops on him.

They buy a trailer and drive out to the dunes to cook. Jesse is still not looking forward to cook with him as Walter is trying to tell Jesse how to cook but after the cook Jesse realises how good Walters meth is. Since Walter knows so much about chemistry he is able to make a 99.1% pure crystal meth.

Jesse gets beat up trying to sell the meth because of how good it is so Walter decides he needs to take it into his own hands. He goes to one of the biggest drug distributors in the area and takes back the meth that he stole while creating a name for himself. Walter is now referred to on the street as Heisenberg. The rest of the series gets hectic with the two constantly running from the cops and Walter trying to keep his huge secret from his D.E.A. brother in law who would arrest Walter if he found out.

Personally I thought this was the best show I had ever watched. I remember how many times I stayed up till 1 a.m. on school nights watching because every episode keeps getting better than the rest. Even the first couple episodes had me watching for hours.

I remember thinking when I first saw the seasons and how long each episode was that I would finally be able to watch another show that could last a long time but I finished it in about a month.

Breaking Bad was such a good show they were able to make a spin off and create the show, Better Call Saul. Saul Goodman is a Lawyer in the show who is a big part of the show but you don’t know much about him before he became such a big name. Better Call Saul is basically just before Breaking Bad and how he became Saul Goodman.

Breaking Bad is probably one of the best shows I have ever seen and I’m sure a lot of other people would be able to agree with me. I recommend this show to anyone that’s above the age of around 14 because there is a lot of bad language and inappropriate scenes but overall still a great show.