Big Mouth Review

Max Mott 10.26.2018
Jessi Andrew and Nick eating popcorn in a movie theater

Big Mouth Season 2, a Netflix original TV series came out on October 5th of this year and there are mixed opinions. Some people really liked it while others didn’t even like the first season.

Big Mouth is a show about teenagers going through puberty and dealing with problems inside and outside school. It’s supposed to be a funny cartoon show for teenagers going through the same thing with funny twists.

In the show there are 5 main characters named Nick, Jessie, Andrew, Jay and Missi. In season 1 you see where they all are in their stages of puberty. In the first episode though Andrew is really the only one going through anything.

In the show you know when characters hit puberty because there are characters called hormone monsters that basically follow the main characters around and kind of guide their decisions. By the end of season 1 really only Andrew and Jessi had started to contact with their hormone monsters.

At the start of season 2 you see Jay with Jessi because they ran away together after Jessi was upset with her parents getting into a lot of fights leading into a divorce. They both decide to come back home after being gone for a day or two.

That’s a big point in the story because that’s the first point where you start to see a plot in the actual show. Season 1 was really just full of a ton of different episodes that were each different but all still pretty funny.

The main difference between season 1 and season 2 is a plot in season 2. Some people find the show more interesting now that there is a plot because it’s more fun to follow along with.

In addition to having a plot, new characters were introduced and some of them got involved with some of the main characters. The gym coach, Coach Steve actually becomes friends with one of the main characters, Jay. Nick runs into some drama as he finds a girl he likes but then the whole relationship is ruined by certain events in the show.

Having these new characters added depth to the show and makes it more interesting because there’s more drama than in season 1. A lot of people like season 2 for that reason but some also oppose.

Some people think that because they focused a lot more on having a plot in season 2 that the show actually got less funny and was less fun to watch. They also feel that because of some of the new things that have come with the new season it’s now a little too weird and not as relatable as it used to be. Even people that liked season 2 more probably have to agree it’s getting kind of weird as they added a new character called the Shame Wizard that just follows everyone around to make them feel depressed and shameful about everything.

It gets even more weird though later on in the season when you find out the Shame Wizard has felt alone and depressed all is life and it turns into a really weird scene with Jessi, Nick and Andrew all in the Hormone Monster land where they have to get out in 24 hours or they will come back with weird body dysfunctions that are not supposed to happen.

One good thing that happens in season 2 is Nick and Missi get their hormone monster. Missi has the same one as Jessi but Nick actually gets an old monster that also helps Coach Steve and later retires because Coach Steve achieved his job. Nick gets stranded without one again but then later gets a new guy that’s never been a hormone monster to anybody before. He gets fired and Nick has to go looking for a new one in the Hormone Monster world which is why they went there in the first place.

Overall Big Mouth is a pretty good show and whether or not you say season 1 or season 2 was better most people that watch the show agree it’s pretty funny and will be looking forward to a season 3.